Autumn Spice Natural All Purpose Cleaner


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My handmade Autumn Spice All Purpose Cleaner is perfect for cleaning everything.  Use for regular cleaning of counters, glass/mirrors, sinks, floors, walls, toys, dusting and more.  Spray onto surface and wipe down with a clean rag.

Other common uses include: carpet spills, soaking and washing cloth diapers, disinfecting cutting boards, laundry fabric softener, mopping, produce wash and toothbrush cleaner.  The only caution is to keep it away from soft natural stones, because the acid can eat away the sensitive surface.  Test before use.

Made with distilled vinegar, water, grapefruit seed extract (GSE), organic clove oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic sage oil, organic juniper berry oil.  All ingredients are food grade, making this all purpose cleaner so safe you could eat it! Vegan, gluten free, natural and organic ingredients, never anything artificial.

32 fl. oz. bottle


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