Natural Shampoo | Lavender w/ Grapefruit Seed Extract


My handmade shampoo is perfect for those who may be dealing with scalp issues and is naturally non-sudsing.  It is a gentle hair cleanser and follows the no-poo method of hair washing.  Transitioning from a regular shampoo to my shampoo could take days to weeks, depending on your current hair washing routine.

It is a pure liquid, as it is not thickened, so to use, you squeeze it onto parts of the scalp and scrub all over.

Made with water, baking soda, vegetable kosher glycerine, organic aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and organic lavender oil.  All ingredients are food grade, making this shampoo so safe you could eat it! Vegan, gluten free, natural and organic ingredients, never anything artificial.

32 fl. oz. bottle


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